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Tabs are a nice way to group related content. The reader will be able to flip through the pages by clicking on the relevant tab. Create Tabbed Content with the click of a button using the Supreme Tab Shortcode. Tabs have a fluid width, which means that they can adjust to any page size.

For the first time you can take advantage of tabs with dynamic contents. It means Tabs now can link up to the news section of your website and each tab will update itself once you add news to your website, but you can add any Supreme Shortcode inside the Tabs.

We’ve introduced vertical tabs with our latest update. You can also set the active colour to match your primary colour in Supreme Shortcodes options panel. Also, choose which tab to be automatically open when user lands on the page.

Supreme Shortcodes - Tabs

[st_tab active="yes" title="Tab Title 1"]Tab 1 Content[/st_tab]
[st_tab title="Tab Title 2"]Tab 2 Content[/st_tab]
[st_tab title="Tab Title 3"]Tab 3 Content[/st_tab]