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Responsive columns

Row shortcode adapts to any screen size thanks to responsive web design techniques. Those adapt beautifully on smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers. Supreme responsive shortcode lets you create responsive media/images/videos in no time! That means the image will flex to fit its parent container. Of course you can enable Lightbox/Fancybox as well. Try resizing your browser to see responsive images in action.

Use external media embed shortcode for including content (audio, video etc) from an external services supporting oEmbed format. We additionally process all embedded elements to make them fully responsive. You can embed media inside any columns layout. All media shortcodes are fully responsive so they always best fit to any content structure.


  1. Column count
  2. Class
Supreme Shortcodes - Responsive Row  Supreme Shortcodes - Responsive Column

With Supreme columns shortcodes it is possible to create any type of layout. You can choose between twelve columns or create your own layout by using a combination of the columns. You can even nest column shortcodes inside of each other.

Sometimes it can get frustrating trying to organise content via the WordPress text editor. With the columns shortcodes, you can break down your content into any number of 12 layouts giving variety and hierarchy to your post. Possibilities with Columns combinations are unlimited. You can play with Factorials 1-12, but here are simple examples.

Please note:
It is important to wrap any 12 columns in a Row shortcode like in the example below:

[st_row][st_column size="6"]Column content goes here[/st_column] [st_column size="6"]Column content goes here[/st_column][/st_row]