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Fancybox is absolutely amazing feature to have on your website. You can pretty much open anything in its popup window, from images and videos to iframes and internal pages from your website – think: Privacy Policy page. You can even create a Fancybox gallery of images by linking them together with a simple keyword. It works with the built-in WordPress media gallery. Multiple galleries with different photos can be placed on the same page.


  • Image, iframe, page or inline
  • Title
  • Link
  • Thumbnail
  • Content
  • Group
  • Class
Supreme Shortcodes - Fancybox Image  Supreme Shortcodes - Fancybox Inline  Supreme Shortcodes - Fancybox iframe  Supreme Shortcodes - Fancybox Page

[st_fancybox_images href="image here" thumb="thumbnail here" title="Image title" thumb_width="150" group="group"]