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Boxes and Callouts

Boxes and callouts are a great way to grab your visitor’s eye and direct them to important content within the post. The Supreme Shortcode plugin comes with 4 box variations (info, warning, success, and alert), all of which are adjustable using its shortcode parameters. These boxes and callouts have a fluid width that automatically adjusts the the size of its parent element/column. Apart from the usual Boxes, you can play with Sections in combination with other Supreme Shortcodes.


  • Info, warning, success, error, callout
  • Title
  • Text (TinyMCE Editor – so you can add more Supreme Shortcodes)
  • Callout options: button text, colour and icon
  • Class
Supreme Shortcodes - Box  Supreme Shortcodes - Callout

[st_box title="Box title goes here" type="info"]Content goes here[/st_box]