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Google Maps

Make custom google maps look with our simple to use shortcode and add it anywhere on your website. Use nearly all features of the Google Maps API including unlimited colour variations and 4 map types: Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain.


  • Width
  • Height
  • Latitude – example: 51.519586
  • Longitude – example: -0.102474
  • Zoom value – Zoom value from 1 to 19
  • Content for the marker
  • Map type – Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain
  • Colour – Applies only for Road Map

* To convert an address into latitude & longitude please use this converter: Convert address to latitude and longitude.

Supreme Shortcodes - Google Map  Supreme Shortcodes - Google Map

[st_gmap latitude="40.709467" longitute="-74.008842" html="Colourful Road Map" zoom="13" maptype="ROADMAP" color="#03b2f7"]