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Each and everything can be created using the Supreme Shortcodes Generator over and over again. We have made the Supreme Shortcodes Builder so useful that you will start loving it from the very instance you start using them. Predefined Powerful 100+ Shortcodes have been included which will help you create content in no time, so rich and incredible that your rivals are gonna envy you.

From a dropdown option in your edit page screen find that little colourful icon and simply select which shortcode to insert. This is how it looks in backend.

Supreme Shortcodes - Generator

The best thing of all is that you can preview each shortcode before you drop it into the TinyMCE editor!

Supreme Shortcodes - Generator

Note : All of these shortcodes work in text widgets as well! yay!

Just copy and paste any shortcode in your text widget and place it on any sidebar or footer widget if you wish. It’s that simple! Embed Shortcodes anywhere with Supreme ShortCodes Builder!