• Who are your best customers and prospects, and what are their key characteristics?
  • Who is in each of your major market segments?
  • Who should you acquire, up-sell or reactivate to maximize your profits?
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  • What message will produce the best response for each of your market segments?
  • What marketing treatments will increase your sales the most?
  • What creative content will deliver the highest success?


  • Where should you market to each segment: banner ads, search, direct mail, phone, social, email?
  • Where can your marketing effectiveness for each channel be improved?
  • Where can you optimize your channel mix to maximize sales within the same budget?


  • When is the best month, day, time or event to market to each person?
  • How frequently should you market to each segment to maximize your ROI?


  • Why should you pursue a given alternative in terms of additional customers, sales, market share and profitability?
  • What key metrics and reports should you and your team be looking at?
  • Why will reallocating your budget across activities, segments, products and channels drastically increase your ROI and sales?