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Getting started

Supreme Widgets is a Premium WordPress plugin made to enhance your website with much needed marketing features! Choose from 14 unique widgets and boost your static website with beautiful features.

Available widgets:

  1. Contact Form + Captcha
  2. Tabs
  3. Call to Action (Image, text + button)
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Video
  7. Audio
  8. Page Siblings
  9. Page Submenu
  10. Responsive Google Ads
  11. One Newsletter service (MailChimp)
  12. Google Maps
  13. Sidebar Login
  14. Social Network List + Font Awesome Icons


Supreme Widgets Social Marketing WordPress Plugin works great with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.
If you have it installed, you can insert any of Supreme Widget straight into your Page or Post content, directly
from Visual Composer’s “Add Element” feature.

However, if you don’t have Visual Composer activated, you can still use this plugin “the old way”/as standalone, in all widgetized areas on your website.