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And finally, the main (fun part)! Assembling the Table.

There are a couple of options you can chose from:

  • Table Rows
  • Theme (chose from 2 predefined themes)
  • Show navigation
  • Show footer (paragraph and a button)
  • Hide featured images (if is set on “show” but the column/product has no image, it will display a default image holder)
  • Table Columns (smooth search provided)
  • Each column can be promoted with choice of colour and text


Basic Table settings:


Each Table can have unlimited number of Columns which you can drag and drop to reorder or delete if not needed anymore.


And the feature we love the most (and is the best thing) is that it gives you a LIVE preview of how your table will look like to your site’s visitors. Of course we tested our plugin with over 40+ most used themes on the market, but it might sometimes require small tweaks to match the table styling with the rest of the website elements.

That’s why we’re here so if you need any tips or fixes please do not hesitate to contact us via Support and we’ll be able to help you quickly.